Youth Development Program

Loving Spirit seeks to "assist the youth in realizing and reaching their full potential."

As a community-based organization, Loving Spirit has worked to establish comprehension programs directed at the improvement of performance of "at risk" students through effective community partnerships.

We Encourage, Inspire and stimulate students in order to provide a more holistic approach to youth development, which includes:

Raising the quality of education

Making learning fun

Increasing exposure to entrepreneurial and career opportunities

Improving educational relevancy

 Developing strong moral and social skills needed to attain success

Part of our three step program to positively effect student achievements through an awakening of self-worth is:


* Initiate incentive programs based upon achievement

* Organize field trips

* Expose youth to successful and influential leaders


* Promote meaningful dialogue, activities and events that will

highlight the rewards of achievement.

* Provide test-taking preparation, career counseling and other

supplemental initiatives designed to equip students for


*Supply training aids that can enhance learning disabilities.

* Establish mentor and tutor support mechanism for students.

* Review school progress with students and families.


* Develop financial and entrepreneurial education initiatives.

* Partner students with business leaders.

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